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What's in a PACK

Project PACK creates Post-Assault Comfort Kits for survivors of sexual assault. Our PACKs are given to survivors during the evidence collection process at the hospital or Children’s Advocacy Center.

There are currently 2 types of PACKs:  Adult/Adolescent & Pediatric

Adult/Adolescent PACK

PACKs are designed with comfort in mind. As the evidence collection process may take upwards of three to four hours to complete, PACKs are filled with items that allow the recipient to take control back over their body. These items include simple cosmetics such as cleansing wipes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as clothing items such as underwear which are often taken into evidence.

PACKs are aimed first and foremost at sexual assault survivors, and inclusivity is valued at Project PACK. As such, the PACKs themselves are gender neutral in nature, with clothing items (underwear, etc.) tailored to recipients preferences.

  • A toothbrush and travel size toothpaste

  • Mouthwash

  • A comb and hair elastic

  • Tissues

  • Travel sized body lotion/spray

  • Panty liner

  • Travel sized deodorant

  • Gum/mints

  • Lip balm

  • Wet wipes to “wash up” after the collection is complete

  • Underwear and/or sports bra (often taken into evidence) 

Pediatric PACK

  • Toddler/Young adult toothbrush and travel size toothpaste

  • Character/Teen band-aides

  • Toddler/Young adult themed Tissues

  • Travel sized body lotion/spray

  • Toddler/Young adult themed Lip balm

  • Hair scrunchies/elastics

  • Socks (young adult themed ones)

  • Underwear in varying sizes 

  • Coloring book/crayons

  • Stickers

  • Small Stuffed animals (new)

  • Playing cards

  • Journals (for teen patients)

  • Stress balls

PACKs are hand assembled by volunteers and financial contributions directly support the contents of PACKs. If you are interested in making a financial donation to Project PACK, an in kind donation of PACK contents as detailed above, or your time, please consider reaching out to us.

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